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Break The Chain


In Hernando County, the government is controlled by a board of five elected county commissioners. Each commissioner pretends to represent one of five districts in the county. If true, this would be district representation. Under the current law a commissioner must represent each resident equally no matter where they live in the county. We have county representation. In many cases, however, the decisions made by the commissioners give the appearance that they are representing neither a district nor the county. This is “shadow” representation.
It is the dishonest obscurity in representation that has created the onerous chain that binds us to poor governance. The chain binds us to the resulted 4th. worst unemployment rate in the state. The chain binds us to 10 years of wage stagnation when others have experienced growth. The chain binds us to the lack of confidence from our own people in the future of our county as is demonstrated by our governments’ own polling data.
Help break the chain!
We can break the chain by stopping the pretending. Let’s make it crystal clear who Hernando County Commissioners are accountable to. With Single Member Districts, the residents in each district get their own representative. The control and accountability for that commissioner are solely the choice of those who live there. It is honest representation where each district has an equal input into moving our county forward in a combined way that benefits us all.

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